Characteristics of a Single Track Arizona Riders Foundation Scholar​

Leadership On and Off the Bike

Scholars possess natural leadership skills, vision, ambition, and pursue roles of influence and service. They use their influence to set a positive example for their peers and set a course for progress in their school, mountain bike team and in their community.


Scholars are rooted in their principles, values, and ethics. They earn the respect of their peers, school administrators, community and mountain bike leaders by demonstrating integrity, dependability, conviction, and strong personal character.

Communication Skills

Scholars use their skills as communicators to inspire others and affect positive change in the community and the Arizona NICA League. Using clear and purposeful communication skills and strategies, scholars articulate a clear vision for improving the community and motivate their peers to contribute to a greater cause in a positive and inclusive environment.

Academic and Mountain Biking Achievement

Scholars are driven to excel. They value a quality education as a means for personal advancement. Scholars seek a high standard for achievement in academics, mountain bike skills and mountain bike racing.

Commitment to Arizona and NICA

Scholars are upstanding representatives of Arizona. They actively engage in their Arizona NICA League team community and make notable contributions. Scholars take pride in Arizona and are, in turn, considered community and Arizona NICA League assets.

The Single Track Arizona Riders Foundation reserves the right to review the conditions and procedures of this scholarship program and to make changes at any time, including termination of the program due to lack of funding from donation support.

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